Childhood Immunizations

If you're under 19, Vaccines are provided at no cost to you!

Every year, thousands of children become ill from preventable diseases easily prevented by immunizations. 

All required and recommended vaccines are provided at no cost to you for children under the age of 18.

Find a Clinic

We encourage all clients to call in and make an immunization appointment for immunizations services. Visit the Clinic Locations page or call 866-960-0633 for information.

A fully vaccinated child is protected against 14 serious and sometimes deadly diseases.

Don't Let Disease Destroy Her Life

Don't let your fear of needles keep you from saving her life. Infants are the most vulnerable population when it comes to infectious diseases. Immunizations increase her chance of survival.

Let the facts determine what's best for her. Each year, immunizations save 33,000 lives and prevent 10.5 million cases of infectious illness. (source: Pediatric Academic Societies Conference)

Childhood immunizations have nearly wiped out Small Pox, Diphtheria and Polio in the United States with dramatic decreases in measles, mumps and rubella. But she won't be safe unless you vaccinate her.

Bring her in today. Visit the Clinic Locations page or call 866-960-0633.

Immunization Scheduler

For Ages 0 to 6

Childhood Vaccination Schedule for children 6 years of age or younger Vaccine Scheduler for Children ages 0 to 6 years. For a complete list of recommended immunizations, just select your child's birth date.

For Ages 7 to 18

Adult Vaccination Schedule for children 7 through 18 years of ageInteractive Adolescent Scheduler for ages 7 to 18. Helps determine the vaccines needed according to the Adolescent Immunization schedule.