Vital Records

Pinal County Vital Records is open at the Casa Grande and San Tan Valley public health clinics.

Please bring copies of the documents required to obtain a birth or death certificate. A listing of required documents can be found in the Birth or Death Certificate Requirements section on this page.

You may also send in your request for a certificate by mail. If you have any questions, please contact us by calling the Pinal County Public Health Central Appointment Desk at 866-960-0633.

Birth or Death Certificate Requirements

Birth Certificate

Death Certificate


  • Birth / Death Certificates: $20 fee per certificate
  • Corrections / Amendments: $10 one-time fee in addition to the certificate fee

Only persons 18 years of age or older may obtain a certified copy of the birth or death certificate.

Note: An applicant presenting documents from a foreign country as proof of relationship or proof of legal interest must provide certified copies of the documents. Photocopies are not acceptable. The applicant must also provide a certified translation of the documents.

Arizona is a "closed record" state. That means that vital records are not public records. Arizona law restricts the public's access to vital records as follows to protect the confidentiality rights of our citizens. Arizona Administrative Code R9-19-210, R9-19-314, R9-19-315 specify who may receive a certified copy of a birth or death certificate.

Pinal County Office of Vital Records issues certified birth certificates for Arizona births. If you need an amendment or correction to a birth that occurred prior to 1997, you must contact the State Office of Vital Records in Phoenix. If you need a certified copy of a birth certificate from another state, you must contact that State's Vital Records Office.

For questions relating to an autopsy report, please contact Pinal County Medical Examiner's Office.