Civil Unit

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office Civil Unit is mandated by the Arizona Constitution, State Statutes, and the Court Decree.


  • Processing and execution of all Criminal/Civil Processes of the Pinal County Superior Court
  • Processing of execution of various other in- and out-of-state court documents

Due to the nature of the court proceedings and procedures, all court orders will be processed Monday through Friday during hours that are authorized by state statutes (excluding holidays). All processes will be served in accordance with Arizona Statutes and Arizona Rules of Civil procedures unless otherwise directed in writing by the court order (please allow 2 to 3 weeks for service).


The service of the Pinal County Justice Court is the responsibility of the Constable elected to the justice court precinct. The Sheriff's Office Civil Division does not routinely serve justice court processes.

See the Constables page to learn about Pinal County constables and their Precincts.

Order of Protection / Injunction Against Harassment

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office will see that any Order of Protection/Injunction Against Harassment is attempted service no matter what court the order is issued from. Protective orders may be served at any time during a 24-hour period by the Sheriff's Office. Services of both are free of charge within Pinal County.

In the state of Arizona, you may now begin the process of requesting an Order of Protection/Injunction Against Harassment via the Arizona Protective Order Initiation and Notification Tool (AZPOINT).

Information Sheets

All services require a Plaintiff (person requesting service) and Defendant(s) (person(s) being served) an Information Sheet to be completed, providing detailed information on the person(s) being served and the last known address in Pinal County.

View a copy of the Information Sheet Form (PDF).