House Watch

If you have a home in Pinal County, and plan to be out of town for any amount of time, you can sign up for our free House Watch program.

A member of the PCSO Citizens on Patrol (COP) Posse will make regular in-person checks of your property and look for any unwanted people, vehicles or signs of intrusion.

This program is ideal for our part-time or winter residents, vacant homes, or while you are on vacation.

If you would like to sign up for the House Watch program, please enter your information here: House Watch Form

Other tips if you are leaving town:

  • Lock and secure all windows and doors
  • Make sure your home does not appear unoccupied
  • Continue regular lawn care
  • Install motion-sensing exterior lights and put interior lights on timers
  • Remove valuables from the home
  • Avoid posting your travel plans on social media
  • Give a neighbor or friend an extra key

Our COP Posse members will not enter your home or pass through any backyard gates. You may also want to have somebody you trust check on the inside and back yard of your home.