Peralta Regional Park Map

Peralta Regional Park Map

Trail details

  1. Saguaro Loop
  • Difficulty
    • Intermediate
  • Notable Features
    • Hole in the Rock
  • Mileage
    • 1.214 miles 

Saguaro Loop Sign

  1. Oro Vista Loop
  1. Wanderer Trail
  1. Stargazing Trail
  1. North Star Trail
  • Difficulty
    • Advanced/Expert
  • Notable Features
    • The end of trail is the highest trail point in the park
    • Great views
    • Two crested arm saguaros visible from the end of the trail point
    • The upper portion of the trail is not recommended for bicycles
    • For safety reasons, no equestrians on the upper portions of the trail.  This area is signed with "no equestrian" signage
  • Mileage
    • 0.278 miles

North Star Trail Sign

  1. Desperado Trail
  1. Serenity Loop
  1. Interpretive trail
  1. Connector Trails

There are several connector trails within the park.  These connector trails vary in length and difficulty and focus on opportunities to connect trail users to the trail network in general or to different featured trails/loops.  

All but one of the connector trails will be identified in the field with a brown directional arrow.Connector Trail Sign

The Backpack Connector trail provides both access to our backpack camping sites and a trail connection to the north and south portions of the Desperado Trail.

Backpacking Trail Sign  This trail is identified in the field with the camping designated marker you see here.