Park Rules 

(Revised November 2022)


County Park-any park, trailhead, trail, preserved open space or other identified recreation area which is owned and/or operated by Pinal County. A current list of County Parks will be posted on the County website.  

Section 1: Use and Occupancy of County Parks 

1.1 Fees 

It shall be unlawful to enter upon or use for any purpose the land, water or facilities within the boundaries of a County Park when a fee, rental, admission or other consideration has been established for such use, unless the person entering or using such land, water or facility has paid said fee, rental, admission or other consideration.

1.2 Hours

County Parks are open dawn until 10:00 pm unless otherwise posted and/or authorized by written permit. 

1.3 Motor Vehicles

In all cases, a motor vehicle shall be operated in compliance with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Code as provided under Title 28, Arizona Revised Statutes while within the boundaries of any County Park. 

In addition, it shall be unlawful: 

  1. To operate a motorbike, motorcycle or other motor vehicle on trails, or cross country, or on unsurfaced roadways that have been posted, signed, or barricaded to prohibit vehicle use. 
  2. To operate a motor vehicle except on roads and parking areas designated for such purposes.
  3. To operate a motor vehicle at a speed greater than that posted or to fail to obey traffic signs.
  4. To operate, without permission from the County, any motorized skateboard, motorized scooter, moped or like device. 

1.4 Bicycles

It shall be unlawful to: 

  1. Ride a bicycle except on a road or established trail.
  2. Ride a bicycle on a road or established trail posted to prohibit bicycle use.
  3. Operate a bicycle in a careless and reckless manner, or in disregard of the safety of any person or property.  

1.5 Destruction, damage or removal of County property

It shall be unlawful to: 

  1. Destroy, damage, deface or remove any County regulatory sign, property or facility owned or administered by the Pinal County Open Space and Trails Department (“Department”).
  2. Collect, remove, destroy, mutilate, damage or deface any natural or cultural resource including, but not limited to, all live and dead vegetation and all parts thereof, wildlife, soil, rocks, and water, except as otherwise provided for by law or without obtaining prior written approval from the Department. 1. Except as otherwise planned for and provided for by the Department, the natural landscape will be kept intact. 

1.6 Litter

It shall be unlawful to litter, deposit, or abandon in or on any County Park any garbage, sewage, refuse, trash, waste, or other obnoxious materials except in receptacles or containers provided for such purposes. These receptacles are not to be used for residential trash disposal.  

1.7 Glass Bottles

It shall be unlawful to possess glass, ceramic or hard breakable plastic beverage bottles. 

1.8 Areas posted against entrance, use or occupancy

It shall be unlawful to enter, use or occupy a County Park except in compliance with the rules and conditions of use established for said County Park.  

1.9 Firearms, Hunting and Trapping 

It shall be unlawful to: 

  1. Discharge a firearm, air rifle, air pistol, paint ball gun, slingshot, bow and arrow, or set traps within the park unless in a location provided for that purpose or otherwise authorized by State Law, state rule or state order.

1.10 Fires

It shall be unlawful to build fires, except in designated places, or in fireplaces, stoves or grills either provided and/or approved by the Department.  The County reserves the right to ban all fires when the County determines in its sole discretion that conditions merit a ban.  Fire rings are prohibited.   

1.11 Aircraft, parachutes and hang gliders

It shall be unlawful to operate aircraft of any nature, including drones, or to parachute or hang glide on County Park property except in areas designated for such use or in an emergency.  

1.12 Camping

It will be unlawful to camp in areas not designated for camping. 

Additional camping rules are: 

  1. Overnight camping requires a reservation.  Reservation information is posted on the County website.
  2. A 14-day camping limit will be enforced.  Campers must leave the campground for a minimum of 7 days (after a 14 day stay) before returning.
  3. Checkout time is noon.
  4. Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.  Equipment must not disturb other campers.   

Section 2:  Animals and Pets  

2.1 Domestic animals and other pets at large

No domestic animals or other pets are permitted to be at large in a County Park.  

2.2 Restraint

  1. Domestic animals and pets shall be restrained by a cage, or a leash of not more than six (6) feet in length and of sufficient strength to control the animal.
  2. Exemptions from restraint requirements: 
    1. Animals participating in pet shows or classes approved by the Department, provided that the animal is accompanied by and under the control of its owner or handler.
    2. Dogs confined within a county maintained temporary or permanent dog run located within a County Park.

2.3 Saddle, pack and draft animals

It shall be unlawful to bring saddle, pack or draft animals into a County Park unless it has been designated to accommodate such use.

2.4 Grazing and foraging

It shall be unlawful to allow grazing or allow any forage-consuming domestic livestock to graze or to roam at-large within the fenced or posted boundaries of a County Park.  

2.5 License

It shall be unlawful to possess, allow or permit a dog in a County Park without a current dog license.   

2.6 Litter

 It shall be unlawful for owners of pets to not properly remove and dispose of any waste. 

Section 3: Public Behavior

3.1 Public Behavior

It shall be unlawful to: 

  1. Conduct one’s self in a disorderly or intoxicated manner: or use threatening, abusive, or boisterous or insulting language: or conduct or participate in a disorderly assembly; or to solicit for any purpose.
  2. Engage in noisy conduct, operate generators or motors, operate radios, or to    otherwise make loud or disturbing noises that may disturb the peace of the area.
  3. Publicly urinate or defecate. 

Section 4: Public or Commercial Activities 

It shall be unlawful to: 

  1. Conduct any activity outside the individual park’s activity design or that require the use of park areas which exclude the use by the general public without first obtaining a Park Use Permit from the Department.
  2. Post, place, or distribute advertising material; erect a fence or barrier (except under specific use management or lease agreements); construct or occupy improvements; or enclose County administered lands without first obtaining a Park Use Permit from the Department.
  3. Use a loudspeaker, public address system, or amplifier without first obtaining a Park Use Permit from the Department.
  4. Using County administered lands for a commercial purpose without first obtaining a Park Use Permit or Use Management or Lease Agreement from the Department.   

Section 5: Violations and Penalties 

5.1 Violations and penalties 

A person who violates any of the Parks Rules, adopted pursuant to A.R.S. § 11-931, et seq. is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor pursuant to A.R.S. § 11-940.  

5.2 Expulsion of violators

In addition to other enforcement authorities, Pinal County law enforcement officers shall have authority to order violators of the Park Rules to leave parks.  

Section 6:  Park Use Permits, Fees and Approvals

  1. Park Use Permits shall be required for eligible non-profit, government, private, or commercial uses.
  2. For eligible non-profit uses, a Park Use Permit is required of any person or group for any activity outside each park’s activity design, or for the use of specific park areas that require the exclusion of general park usage.
  3. A Park Use Permit shall be obtained in advance by any person or group using a County Park for eligible commercial uses.
  4. Fees for Park Use Permits shall be negotiated by the Department based on the expenses related to the administration of the activity, protection of the park and visitors, and in accordance with an established fee schedule when applicable.
  5. The Department may require commercial applicants to enter into an agreement with the County for a negotiated percentage of gross receipts not to exceed twenty (20) percent.
  6. The Department may require the permittee to post a deposit against damage and clean-up expense, provide a certificate of insurance naming the County as additionally insured, and/or provide for adequate medical, sanitary and security services.
  7. A performance and payment bond may be required from a permittee who was solicited to provide a service, event or activity sponsored by the Department.
  8. The Department may impose conditions on the conduct of any activity in order to protect the area and maintain its availability as a public park.
  9. A Park Use Permit is not required for any person operating under the provisions of a valid Use Permit or Commercial Management Concessions Agreement with the Department.
  10. Park Use Permit applications which are incompatible with the management objectives of the individual park may be refused for health and safety reasons or to protect the park from significant damages.  With respect to competing non-profit uses, the use of park space shall be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.  With respect to competing commercial uses, informal proposals shall be solicited and the Park Use Permit awarded to that concessionaire which offers to provide the County with the highest potential revenue and/or best recreation value to park patrons provided the concessionaire does not have a poor performance history on any prior permits.
  11. All persons entering a park under a Park Use Permit are subject to all entrance and/or use fees and all rules and regulations pertaining to park resource and facility use.  The total amount of entrance fees owed by persons entering a park under a Park Use Permit may be calculated in advance and paid in accordance with terms negotiated as part of the Use Permit.
  12. A decision by the Department concerning any Park Use Permit may be appealed to the Board of Supervisors.
  13. Applications for Park Use Permits may be obtained from an authorized representative of the Department.