Branding Guidelines & Logo

The County's brand guidelines arBranding page graphic e set and maintained by the Communications and Marketing Department. All Pinal County departments, divisions, and employees are responsible for applying the brand standards to communications and marketing tools, including printed pieces and digital assets.

Any questions about the standards should be directed to James Daniels, Communications and Marketing Director, 520-866-6226.

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County Logo Samples

The Visual Style guide gives examples and guidelines for the proper use of the official Pinal County logo. It should be featured in place of prior County logos and/or seals on all materials generated by departments reporting to the County Manager and Board of Supervisors. If you work for an elected official such as the County Attorney, Treasurer, or Recorder, you should check with them or your supervisor before using the logo.

The Communications and Marketing team stands ready to assist you. 

Whenever possible, EPS files should be used. The EPS format has a transparent background meaning it can be put onto a colored background for use in PowerPoint slideshows, etc.

You won't be able to open the EPS file in its native format unless you have certain graphic design programs. This is to prevent users from accidentally or intentionally altering the County's logo. The way you use an EPS file is to place it as a file. For example, in PowerPoint or any of the Microsoft Applications, you go to the INSERT menu, scroll down to PICTURE, then choose FROM FILE, and locate the EPS logo. In other words, EPS files are "placed" into a document as you would place a picture or other graphic element. If JPG or other formats are necessary, select those file formats from the right-hand side. 

Under no circumstances should the County logo artwork be provided to an outside organization without first checking with your supervisor or the Communications and Marketing team. This is to safeguard against misuse of the logo. We want to ensure that others don't place the logo on banners, shirts, or literature making it look as though the County is a partner, endorser, sponsor, or is otherwise affiliated with the outside organization. 

If you have any questions, please contact James Daniels at x6226.