Applications & Information Bulletins

The Building Safety Department has made the following Information Bulletins and Forms available for download. We hope these selections will be helpful for your use in obtaining any required building permits and to answer some of your questions. If you still have questions, please contact us at 520-509-3555. Some of these pages can be used in your actual submittal; for instance, write in the correct dimensions on the sample drawings and incorporate them into your own drawings. But, you must first download them and print the forms and then complete them as needed.

Please note that the Property Owner Authorization Form (PDF) is now required with each application.


Information Bulletins

  1. 002 - On-Line Submittals (PDF)
  2. 003 - What Projects and Structures Are Exempt From Permit Requirements? (PDF)
  3. 004 - What Are the Requirements for Obtaining a Permit? (PDF)
  4. 005 - Overhead Electrical Service Specifications (PDF)
  5. 006 - Requirements for Obtaining Patio Cover - Carport Permits (PDF)
  6. 008 - When Does a Permit Expire and Can an Active Permit Be Extended? (PDF)
  7. 009 - What Are the Residential Gas Piping Installation Requirements? (PDF)
  8. 010 - Does Pinal County Have Spa and Swimming Pool Protective Barrier Requirements? (PDF)
  9. 011 - Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Project Permits (PDF)
  10. 012 - Help for Obtaining a Permit for Additions and Detached Structures (PDF)
  11. 013 - Open Deck Construction Regulations (PDF)
  12. 014 - Building Privacy Walls and Fences (PDF)
  13. 015 - Building Site Grading (PDF)
  14. 016 MH-FBB Submittal Requirements (PDF)
  15. 017A - Residential Inspection Requirements (PDF)
  16. 017B - Commercial-T.I. Inspection Requirements (PDF)
  17. 017C - Manufactured Home, Park Model, and Modular Home Inspection Requirements (PDF)
  18. 018 - Co-Locates and Cell Towers (PDF)
  19. 019 - Residential Fireplace Installation for Area A (PDF)
  20. 020 Residential Generator Requirements
  21. 021 Residential Photovoltaic Systems Requirements (PDF)
  22. 022 - Regulations Governing Blasting and Explosions (PDF)
  23. 023 - Residential Assisted Living-Group Home Facilities in Existing Dwellings (PDF)
  24. 024 - What Is Required for Utilities to Exempt Detached Accessory Use Buildings? (PDF)
  25. 2018 Building Code Ordinance and Amendments (PDF)

Commercial Projects Miscellaneous Forms

Building Safety Fee Schedule

Impact Fee Documents