Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Division is responsible to our property owners and residents to ensure that our neighborhoods and properties are well-kept to enhance the overall image of our community as a whole. As a means of ensuring that property values are maintained, and citizens are afforded the quality of life they desire, our Code Compliance Division works with our residents to prevent unsightly, unsafe, and unhealthy conditions by ensuring that all properties meet the code requirements and are not left to deteriorate and become unsightly.

Code-Compliance Team

Our goals are to maintain a high level of interaction and communication with our property owners and strive to provide excellent customer service.

We at Code Compliance realize that communications and partnerships with property owners are important factors in determining the overall effectiveness of code compliance in the county, which is why we have begun a new community-oriented direction of code compliance.

Often, violators are unaware that they are in violation of County requirements pertaining to general property maintenance and zoning. The goal of the Division is to promote and encourage voluntary compliance with County codes.

Status of Code Compliance Cases

Please be advised that due to the high number of active compliance cases being investigated, our code compliance officers are out in the field more than in the office.  As such, phone calls and emails from complainants requesting the status of a case once the case number has been provided will be directed to the Citizen Access Portal.  If more information is required than provided via the Citizen Access Portal, then a Public Records Request will be required.

In order to check the status of a code compliance case, the case number must be known

  1. An account must be created within the Citizen Access Portal
  2. Once logged into the Citizen Access Portal, click on the ENFORCEMENT tab
  3. Then click on Search Applications
  4. Under General Search, insert the case number for the case in the Record Number block, then click on Search at the bottom of the page.  
  5. The Record Status, or case status, will be displayed, along with other information about the case.

Code Compliance Case Status Meanings

  • New Complaint: A complaint has been filed, but no action by the Code Compliance Division has yet been taken.
  • Research: Research is being conducted by the Code Compliance Division prior to sending any letters/notifications.
  • Courtesy Letter: A Courtesy Letter has been sent.
  • Opportunity to Correct Letter: Official notification, an Opportunity to Correct Letter, has been sent.
  • Notice of Violation: Official notification of violation(s) has been sent to the property owner.
  • Active Compliance Plan: The property owner/violator is following a compliance plan, and the subject property is being monitored.
  • Monitoring: The property owner/violator is following a compliance plan, required permitting/clearances have been applied for, and the Code Compliance Division is monitoring the status of the permits/clearances as they proceed through the permitting/clearance process.
  • Demand Letter: A Demand Letter has been sent.
  • Referred to Hearing Office: The case has been referred to the Pinal County Civil Hearing Office for a hearing.
  • Appealed to BOA: The results of the Civil Hearing have been appealed to the Pinal County Board of Adjustment (either by the property owner/violator or the County).
  • Referred to County Attorney: The case has been referred to the Pinal County Attorney’s Office for further action in Superior Court if deemed warranted by the County Attorney’s Office.
  • Superior Court: The case has been filed in Superior Court.
  • Judgment Obtained: A Superior Court judgment has been obtained.
  • Closed: The property has been brought into compliance, or there is insufficient evidence to proceed.