Need a dust permit?

In order to apply for a dust permit, you will need to identify which type of dust permit you need according to the construction project location.

Utilize the Air Quality Map Viewer

The Pinal County Air Quality Department provides a map viewer to assist with locating the area of your construction project.

Map Viewer Tips

  • Enter the parcel number of where your construction project is located, no dashes
    ex: parcel #: 200-49-047B would be entered as 20049047B

  • Once entered into the map, it should zoom into the parcel area with a pop-up box of information. The areas are color-coded, view the legend below.


  • In order to retrieve the link to download the appropriate permit, make sure to specifically click on the highlighted parcel, and then a new pop-up box should appear with a link to download a pdf file.
    Select Parcel Highlighted
    Select Parcel Highlighted 2

  • Click on the link to download the dust permit application. Please note if you would rather utilize the online application system (which is recommended by the Air Quality Department), you do not need to fill out the downloaded application. Everything can be completed online, the button is located below. The download application is to provide you with knowledge of which application you need to apply for and to be available for individuals who wish to fill out, save, print, and submit in person at our Florence location, 85 N Florence Street.

Note: All development activities that are 0.1 acre or more are required to submit a Site Permit Application, Site Plan, and a Site Dust Control Plan prior to any construction activities commencing.

The Three types of dust permits:

Fill out the permit that refers to the area where you are building.