Pinal County Animal Control and Care (PCACC) is critically full nearly year-round. We need all the help we can get!

 Are you interested in giving a shelter pet a place to crash while they wait to be adopted? Are you experienced in caring for underage or pets in need of medical care? Are you looking to help socialize pets that don't do well in a shelter setting? Are you looking to help give a shelter animal a quick break from the shelter?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, please consider fostering a pet for us! PCACC makes fostering as easy as possible!

  • Pinal County Animal Care and Control is open seven days a week for walk-in meet-and-greets with potential foster pets.
  • Citizens are welcome to tour our kennels and see animals available for fostering in person.
  • Citizens can also browse online to see all available pets for foster before making a trip to the shelter. Nearly all animals at the shelter are available for foster. 


Having trouble picking out a pet to foster? Fill out the Foster Family Form, and staff will help match you with some potential fosters! 

Staff will reach back out to you in 24 to 48 hours with suggested pets, their information, history, and coordinate any meet-and-greets! 

Would you be interested in getting paid to foster? 

The Foster Incentive Program is here to stay after its success over the past holiday season! Would you be interested in getting paid to foster? Fostering is the future of animal welfare, and as an investment in our future, we are continuing to offer our paid Foster Incentive Program!

The steps are simple:

  1. Talk to staff about our foster program. Staff will go over what fostering looks like, what dogs are eligible for the Incentive Program, and what protocols and expectations follow.
  2. Once the paperwork is signed and the dog is released, you start earning each week
  3. We wanted to add a special bonus for the fosters who took the time to find their foster a permanent home. If the animal you are fostering from the Incentive Program gets adopted, you will receive an additional $200 gift card! 
    *This bonus ONLY applies to animals selected for the Foster Incentive Program*

PCACC reserves the right to decline a foster. Please be advised most of the dogs included in the program are best suited to homes where they are only pets.
For more information, email us at, call 520-509-3555, or message us on Facebook or Instagram


Are you not looking for long-term commitments? The PCACC Field trip program may be for you! Citizens are allowed to sign out dogs for field trips to give them a quick break from the shelter, such as going out to grab a puppuccino, a stroll in a local park, an adventurous hike, or just hanging out in a home for a day!


Check us out! Available pets are constantly featured on our social media:

Email Us for more information.