Pinal County recognizes the importance of benefits within the overall compensation package provided to all of our eligible employees. From top-tier affordable medical, dental, and vision, our benefits package goes into truly innovative areas of wellness and rewards that meet our staff's needs beyond your typical compensation package. 

LiveWELL, PlayWELL, EatWELL, WorkWELL, there is more to just being an employee at Pinal County. By being a part of a leading team, you are rewarded in new and innovative ways.  From free stuff to discounts to participation and health, we offer employees the freedom to live their best life and make the most of the employee experience. 

Below you can learn more about the benefits and county perks that are offered to employees. 

    • Degree Attainment Program

      Employees may work to attain educational degrees while maintaining employment with the County. 
    • Tuition Reimbursement Program

      Employees can receive assistance in obtaining job-related education.
    • Student Loan Forgiveness

      Your financial wellness matters to us! We now offer the voluntary Loan Relief™ benefit from Fiducius, so you can take control of your student loans, put more money in your pocket and focus on what really matters to you. 
      Program (PDF)

    • 10 Paid Holiday

      Employees receive paid holidays
    • Vacation Leave & Sabbatical

      Employees may earn and use vacation leave and provide for the compensation of unused vacation leave upon separation from County service. In recognition of long-term continuous dedicated service with Pinal County, employees will be granted a single period of sabbatical leave. 
    • Community Civil Service Leave

      This benefit allows county employees up to 24 hours of paid time to volunteer in the community or another county department
    • Sick Leave

      Employees earn sick leave, this is a privilege and is to be used in case of actual illness or injury suffered by an employee or family member