Information for Adult Clients

This section provides general information about the court system, working with your attorney, and the requirements of probation. It also allows you to look up your next court date. Please talk to your attorney about any questions you may have after reading the information on this page. This information is subject to change without notice. It should not be used in place of the advice and information you receive from your attorney.

Retention Schedule of files Copies of your discovery (police reports, photos, videos, transcripts, etc.) will be mailed/emailed to you as it is received by our office. Understand that your custody status may limit what our office is able to send to you. If you lose copies of your discovery, contact your Attorney or the Public Defender's Office to request another one.

Your Public Defender file will be retained after completion of your case (sentencing, probation, or dismissal) for two years longer than your longest sentence, with the minimum retention being five years. At the scheduled time, your file will be destroyed unless exceptional circumstances exist. You may request a copy of the file prior to destruction under this schedule.