Public Defense Services

Pinal County’s Public Defense Services office oversees indigent representation in Pinal County. Pinal County established the Public Defense Services office in 2020 after a review of practices across the State of Arizona. Pinal County determined the best way to provide cost-effective, high-quality legal representation to its citizens was to create a department dedicated to this purpose.

When the Court determines an individual in need of legal representation is indigent and entitled to counsel as a matter of law, Public Defense Services ensures counsel is assigned. Public Defense Services provides administrative oversight and support to the Pinal County Public Defender’s Office and Court-Appointed Counsel. In order to ensure every client receives conflict-free representation, Public Defense Services is not privy to confidential client or case information.

Public Defense Services and the Public Defenders Office can only assist clients where the court has appointed them specifically, if you have not been determined indigent or you do not have a case that warrants counsel appointment, then we cannot take your case. Lawyers cannot take your case from another lawyer; only a judge may appoint another lawyer.