Public Works

We provide transportation infrastructure, engineering, flood control, solid waste recycling, airport, and emergency management services to the public to enjoy a community with safe roads, buildings, and a clean environment.

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A short video explaining how our Public Works budget comes together and how we use this money to build new roads and maintain existing roads.

  1. ADOT (PNG)

    ADOT Seeking Input on the Next Phase of the North-South Freeway Plan

    Arizona Department of Transportation, in cooperati... Read on...
  2. Maxine Brown

    TAC Member Spotlight Maxine Brown

    The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) consis... Read on...
  3. Turn Around Don&#39t Drown

    Monsoon Season Safety

    Turn Around, Don't Drown - Drive Safe this Monsoon... Read on...
  4. Website - News Graphic (27)
  5. Pot hole construction (PNG)

    Pinal County ‘Preserving Our Future’ Highlights Vital Construction

    The Pinal County Public Works Department has launc... Read on...
  6. TAC Spotlight (PNG)

    TAC Member Spotlight Kevin Louis

    The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) consis... Read on...
  7. Monsoon Awareness

    Monsoon Season

    Learn How to Stay Safe this Summer. Every year bet... Read on...
  8. Hunt Highway Project Spotlight

    Hunt Highway Project

    With the help of "the pothole tax", Pina... Read on...
  9. Preserving Our Future RS (PNG)
  10. Roadwork Alert - Gantzel/Painted Desert

    Roadwork on Gantzel Road and Painted Desert Drive

    Starting May 30, 2023, Gantzel Road and Painted De... Read on...
  11. Temporary Signals at Hunt Hwy and Arizona Farms Rd
  12. Sandbag How to Video (PNG)

    How to Fill and Place Your Sandbags Around Your Property

    Public Works Highway Maintenance Foreman Rob Lawso... Read on and View Video...
  13. What Makes Pinal County Move - Graphic

    What Makes Pinal County Move?

    The most asked question we get is, “I pay property... Read on and View Video...
  14. Preserving Our Future
  15. Website - News Graphic (1)
  16. TIMP (PNG)
  17. Website - News Graphic With Video
  18. PW video (PNG)
  19. Sun Corridor (JPG)

    Sun Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization Survey

    Please take a few minutes and take the Sun Corrido... Read on...
  20. PENS News Graphic

    How Do I Sign Up For PENS?

    Want to be notified in case of an emergency? Read on and View Video...
  21. Pinal Traffic

    Pinal, cities rely on 1/2-cent roads tax

    TIMP pays for smaller projects. It’s been used to ... Read on...
  22. Website - News Graphic (3)

    Notice: CART Service is Getting Streamlined!

    CART Changes Take Effect March 1st. After intensiv... Read on...
  23. Adopt County Road  News Graphic

    How to Adopt a County Road

    Want to get involved and volunteer in your communi... Read on...
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