Related Studies & Plans

Heritage Road Design Concept Report Study

Heritage Road is planned as a continuous east-west roadway, one mile south of Arizona Farms Road. This study will focus on the segment of the roadway between Hunt Highway and North Felix Road. There are several existing and planned residential neighborhoods along the corridor, including over 2,500 homesites. Constructing this important corridor would support development of these communities and provide a much-needed east-west route for regional access. See more information on the Heritage Road Design Concept Report Study.

Town of Queen Creek & Pinal County Small Area Transportation Study (SATS)

Queen Creek and Pinal County are growing rapidly and are planning their future roadway networks to accommodate this growth and complement planned investments by others, such as State Route (SR) 24. This Small Area Transportation Study (SATS) was completed to identify potential roadway improvements to meet projected growth in the study area with consideration for the influence of active and future developments. See more information on the Town of Queen Creek and Pinal County Small Area Transportation Study.

Red Rock Small Area Transportation Study

A study by Pinal County to assess the area and create a plan to ensure the current and proposed transportation systems are aligned with the existing needs and anticipated growth and development. The core objective of the SATS was to evaluate the existing and future transportation system needs for the community and the surrounding area. The primary goals of the study were to define the current circulation system, evaluate its performance, forecast future needs, and prepare a plan fulfilling the identified transportation needs. See more information on the Red Rock Small Area Study.

North / South Corridor Study

A study by the Arizona Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration to identify and evaluate a possible route between U.S. Route 60 in the City of Apache Junction and Interstate 10 near Eloy and Picacho. See more information on the North/South Corridor Study.

State Route 24

The Arizona Department of Transportation, in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration, has begun construction of the Interim Phase II section of State Route 24 (SR24) also referred to as Gateway Freeway. This section will include approximately five miles of new freeway extending from Ellsworth Road in Maricopa County to Ironwood Drive in Pinal County. 

I-11 & Intermountain West Corridor Study

A study by the Arizona Department of Transportation and the Nevada Department of Transportation to identify a possible high-priority interstate link between Phoenix and Las Vegas with a high-level vision for potentially extending the corridor north to Canada and south to Mexico. See more information on the I-11 and Intermountain West Corridor Study.

Freight Transportation Framework Study

A study by the Joint Planning Advisory Council, a partnership of Maricopa Association of Governments, Central Arizona Governments, and Pima Association of Governments, identifying freight commodity profiles (truck, rail, air, and pipeline), freight infrastructure improvements, funding options and sources, and developed an inland port market assessment to protect, maximize, and expand commerce and economic vitality within the Sunday Corridor. See more information on the Freight Transportation Framework Study.

Passenger Rail Study

A study by the Arizona Department of Transportation, working closely with the Federal Transit Administration, the Federal Railroad Administration, local governments and planning organizations in Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima Counties, to determine the feasibility of a passenger rail line between Phoenix and Tucson. Ultimately the passenger rail line will be designed as a blended service: An express service with few stops between Phoenix and Tucson and a local service with stops at several communities along the way. See more information on the Passenger Rail Study.

I-8 & I-10 Hidden Valley Study

A study done by the Maricopa Association of Governments, the second of a series of MAG Roadway Framework Studies, covering approximately 2,000 square miles in Maricopa and Pinal Counties that establish a conceptual network of freeways, parkways, and arterials that will be capable of meeting long-range traffic demand (northwest portion of Pinal County). See more information on the I-8 and I-10 Hidden Valley Study.