Stormwater Management


Stormwater is water that is created during various precipitation events such as rain, snow, hail and sleet. As it flows, it picks up debris, chemicals, dirt, and other pollutants. Anything that enters a stormwater system is discharged untreated into our streams, lakes, washes, retention basins, and parks. Eventually this water can find its way into our groundwater and impact our drinking water. Polluted runoff is the nation's greatest threat to clean water.

Stormwater Management

The stormwater management program is responsible for managing the quality of stormwater. This may include management of flooding, erosion control, and minimizing the discharge of pollutants into the environment.

Stormwater Management in Pinal County

Pinal County has a Stormwater Management Plan (PDF) approved by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. This plan was approved in 2006. This plan was put in place to protect water quality as part of the Clean Water Act.

Pinal County staff inspects construction sites for compliance with each site's Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), educates the public and businesses on stormwater pollution controls, and investigates illegal dumping of wastes that can impact our stormwater.

What You Can Do

Never dump anything into the streets or down the storm drains. Pesticides, herbicides, pet wastes, leaking fluids from a vehicle, or household chemicals could all end up in our washes, streams and retention basins if proper care is not taken.

For questions or to report illegal dumping or discharges into streets, storm drains or washes, please call 520-866-6864 or file an online complaint.

rewards program

Pinal County has established a Rewards Program that will provide a $500 reward for those submitting tips on who is illegally dumping items if the tip and information lead to charges in the case.