Starting a Home Occupation

Definition: "Home Occupation" means a business activity carried on by the occupant of a dwelling unit as a secondary use.

Many residents of Pinal County find the venture of running a home business very profitable and satisfying economically. A home occupation can satisfy the needs of a parent with young children at home, a retired person who may have limited mobility or just someone who likes the convenience of making some extra income in the comfort of their own surroundings. However, in order to establish a Home Occupation in Pinal County, there is a certain process that must be followed and certain criteria which must be met. The following are the steps to make sure your home occupation is legal, safe, and non-disruptive to your neighbors.

  1. Have your parcel number ready. Your home occupation is allowed in the following zones: GR, CR-1, CR-2, CR-3, CR-4, SR, SH, TR, MH, RV, RU-10, RU-5, RU-3.3, RU-2, RU-1.25, R-43, R-35, R-20, R-12, R-9, R-7, MD, MR, AC-1, CR-1A, MH-8. This is a "use permit" only, issued by the zoning department, and does not substitute for a business license which may be required by the state. If your home is located within an incorporated city or town, this Home Occupation permit would not apply and you would need to check with the city or town about their specific license requirements.
  2. Check with your Homeowner's Association to see if a home occupation is allowed per your CC&Rs.
  3. Write out a description of your home occupation. What are you planning to do? Does this home occupation meet the criteria under the Pinal County Zoning Ordinance? 2.150.260 Home occupation (PDF)

    Home Occupations come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but here is a list of what is NOT a home occupation:
    • Auto repair and service
    • Barbershop
    • Beauty salon
    • Commercial food preparation
    • Mortuary or embalming service
    • Tattoo parlor
    • Veterinarian service, kennels, and pet grooming
    • Welding service
    • Any commercial use not customarily associated with home occupations as a secondary use
    • Delivery services related to a commercial use

Home Occupation Requirements

  • A home occupation permit :
    • Shall apply only to a full-time resident of the dwelling.
    • If there is a change in use, a new home occupation permit shall be required.
    • Is issued to the applicant and does not attach to the land.
  • The home occupation must be conducted within a dwelling or an accessory building of not more than 400 square feet. Not more than one-fourth of the floor area of one story of the main dwelling shall be used for the home occupation.
  • There shall be no public display of stock-in-trade upon the premises.
  • Not more than one nonresident of the premises is employed in the home occupation.
  • No equipment or material associated with the home occupation shall be stored outdoors.
  • The residential character of the dwelling and subject property shall not be changed by said use.
  • Such occupation shall not cause any sustained, unpleasant, or unusual noises or vibrations, or noxious fumes or odors, or cause any traffic congestion in the immediate neighborhood.
  • All parking used in conjunction with the home occupation shall be on site and shall not include commercial parking features such as wheel stops, parking lanes or striping.
  • Home occupations shall not provide overnight accommodations.
  • Home occupations shall serve no more than five clients in one day and no more than two clients at any one time.

Apply in Person

Applications are accepted in person at the Florence location only and by appointment only. Please call Community Development to schedule your appointment at 520-866-6442. You can also email your application. Our Florence location is:

85 N Florence Street
First Floor
Florence, Arizona 85132

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