Illegal Dump Sites

Pinal County Environmental Health responds to citizen complaints of illegal dump sites in the unincorporated areas of the county. We work with property owners to effect cleanup of trash from their property; Pinal County Environmental Health does not provide collection or cleanup services.

The Dangers of Illegal Dump Sites

Illegal dump sites often occur close to inhabited communities. Solid waste, which should have been disposed of in an approved landfill or other approved location, can lead to contamination of soil and groundwater that adversely affects our neighborhoods and families.

What You Can Do To Help

Dispose of your garbage and other waste appropriately, at least twice per week in suburban areas or once per week in rural areas. Do not let garbage and household trash accumulate on your property. Obtain garbage service from an approved hauler or individually dispose of your trash at a landfill or transfer station. Compost vegetative matter or dispose of it with other solid waste. Never dump any waste in the desert, along a road, or on a vacant lot.

If you hire someone to dispose of your trash, ensure that they dispose of it properly. Dispose of lead-acid batteries, waste or used tires, waste oil, and other hazardous materials at approved disposal or recycling facilities.

Visit the Disposal Services page for more information.

If you are aware of an illegal dump site, please contact Pinal County Environmental Health to file a complaint. Please be ready to provide your contact information and detailed information as to the location so we may efficiently investigate your complaint.

Report Illegal Dump Sites

To file a nuisance complaint for an illegal dump site, please call 520-866-6864 or submit an online report.

Report Someone for Illegal Dumping

To report someone who is dumping their trash, please contact the Pinal County Sheriff's Office at 520-866-5111.