Arizona Department Of Revenue (ADOR)

The mission of the Arizona Department of Revenue is to administer tax laws fairly and efficiently for the people of Arizona.

Tax laws that fall under the department's purview are primarily in the areas of income, transaction privilege (sales), use, luxury, withholding, property, estate, fiduciary, bingo, and severance.

The department is organized into nine divisions, each managed by an assistant director. Divisions include Administrative Services, Audit, Collections, External Services, and Special Projects, Information Technology, Process Administration, Property Tax, Taxpayer Services, and Tax Policy and Research. Each division performs specific functions which are integrated to achieve the department's major external objectives of efficient tax collection and processing, timely enforcement of tax laws, and accurate valuation of the property.

Contact information:

Arizona Department of Revenue
Business Taxes
1600 West Monroe
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602-255-2060