Inmate Marriage Process


  1. The inmate must submit an Inmate Request Form to the Facility Chaplain requesting a marriage application. The inmate must fill out their portion of the application and return it to the Chaplain.
  2. The Chaplain will call the prospective spouse to verify the information/mailing address.
  3. If the prospective spouse meets the criteria and agrees to the marriage, the Chaplain will mail out the original Marriage Application to the prospective spouse. (All information must be legible and submitted in black ink with correct spelling, or the Court will not accept it.)
  4. The prospective spouse will be responsible for returning the Marriage Application to the facility.
  5. Once the application has been completed by both parties and approved, the Chaplain will email a copy to the Clerk of the Superior Court.
  6. The inmate and the prospective spouse are responsible for obtaining and completing all necessary documents in order to be married within the Pinal County Sheriff's Office Adult Detention Center facility.
  7. The prospective spouse is responsible for paying a nonrefundable $100 facility fee prior to the commencement of the ceremony by submitting a cashier’s check or money order via U.S. Mail.
    • The cashier’s check or money order is made payable to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Adult Detention Center. No cash or personal checks will be accepted.
    • The envelope should be addressed to:
      Pinal County Sheriff's Office - Adult Detention Center
      Attn: Facility Chaplain 
      P.O. Box 2610
      Florence, AZ 85132
  8. When the marriage license is obtained, the facility Chaplain can then make arrangements for the Justice of the Peace to officiate the wedding.
  9. The time and circumstances under which the ceremony takes place shall be determined by the Deputy Chief or designee.
  10. It is the responsibility of the prospective spouse to obtain one lawful witness.
  11. The prospective spouse and witnesses are subject to a warrant check upon entry before entering the secured facility.
  12. A copy of the marriage certificate shall be placed in the inmate’s custody file at the conclusion of the ceremony.