What is the kiosk program?

Many builders of housing communities advertise using Kiosk Signs. These signs can display the builder, community and directions. There are several rules that must be followed in regards to this program. These rules include:

  • All kiosk structures will comply with the size, construction type, and color scheme as set forth by Pinal County.
  • All applications shall require a minimum of one contract from an existing community and/or Builder within the service area, service area which is to be determined by Pinal County Community Development Department.
  • All applications shall require a written contract from the property owner for which the proposed sign is to be located. If on state land, permit must be obtained first from the state. Pinal County will not hold locations pending approval from any entity, whether private or public.
  • Kiosks located in the vicinity of state highways must obtain state permit prior to submitting to Pinal County.
  • All locations must be approved by Pinal County Community Development Department prior to the installation of the sign. These locations will be approved only if the site is beneficial to the surrounding area.
  • Only one kiosk-style sign shall be allowed per customer, per corner/location until that customer's original kiosk is sold out and displayed. For the purpose of simplicity, a 4-way intersection is considered to have 4 corners, a 3-way intersection is considered to have 3 corners.
  • Off-premise kiosk located outside of an intersection must maintain a minimum of 500 feet from the closest intersection.
  • Builders shall be allowed to advertise on off-premise kiosks within a 3- to 5-mile radius of the community, no closer - no further.
  • Kiosks approved for on-site (roadside) have the option of replacing the "Pinal County" name and logo with that of the community name and logo only. Under no circumstances will any other names be allowed, such as builder, etc.
  • Kiosks are approved for the following entities only: communities, planned area developments, named subdivisions, builders and government locations. There will be no additional advertising outside of the company name, logo and directional arrow.
  • All signs must maintain their signs in a professional manner as to appearance and structure.

Pinal County reserves the right to refuse any proposed kiosk sign and location. Any violation of these guidelines or abuse could result in enforcement action, including removal of sign and denial of future authorizations.

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