How to I request for a Development & Land Use Change?

Development and Land Use Change Process For: Zoning Changes, Planned Area Developments (PAD), PAD Amendments, Special Use Permits, Industrial Use Permits, Comprehensive Plan Amendments 

The first step of the Development and Land Use Change Process is to schedule a Pre-Application Meeting. After the pre-application meeting staff will provide a variance application. When you have completed the application and returned it with all required documents, the Planning staff will review the information. If the application is complete, your request will be assigned a case number and placed on the next available agenda for the Planning and Zoning Commission. 

The Commission holds public meetings in which anyone from the public may attend and speak to support or oppose a request. You or your representative will make a formal presentation to the Commission and respond to any questions. The Commission can take any one of the three actions: continue the case to a future hearing, recommend approval to the Board of Supervisors or recommend denial to the Board. If the Commission makes a recommendation, your case will then be placed on the next available agenda for the Board of Supervisors. 

The Board of Supervisors will review your case and vote to approve or deny your request. The Board of Supervisors is the only governing body that has legal authority to approve or deny your request. 

Please note that as you are considering rezoning, you should research the Zoning Ordinance to identify your current land use and the land use you are requesting; then you should research the Comprehensive Plan to be sure your land use fits within the Comprehensive Plan land use designation. If it does not, you would first need to request a Comprehensive Plan Amendment. This process also begins with a pre-application. Once this process is complete, you may then begin the rezoning process. They may run concurrently. 

The average processing time for any of the above is six to eight months. 

Please review the application fee amounts as well. The fees for pre-application does not apply toward the application fee amounts. For the application fee amounts, please refer to the Services Fee Schedule located on our web page. 

If your project will be of a commercial nature - business, recreation vehicle (RV) Parks, 4-Plex, school or church site - contact this department to request a Site Plan Review. Once you have successfully completed your Land Use Change or Site Plan Review and you wish to obtain building permits, please contact the Building Safety Department. Attached files include information about: building permits, sign reviews, fee schedule, subdivision information, mobile home permits, amendment information, site plan information, review information and other permitting information.

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