Can I talk to the attorney?

Please understand that an attorney's obligation is to his or her client. An attorney is not required to talk to a client's friends or family. This is true even if the client is a juvenile or an adult with a guardian. Also, an attorney cannot discuss a client's case with anyone unless the client gives the attorney permission to talk to that person.

That being said, attorneys are often willing to talk to friends and family members to get information about their clients and about the alleged crime(s). If you have information or questions for an attorney, please call the Public Defender's Office at 520-866-7199. If the attorney is not available to talk to you when you call, be sure to leave a detailed message. Include your name, the name of the client you are calling about, a brief description of the information or question you want to discuss with the attorney, and a telephone number where you can be reached.

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