What is a Parcel Number?

A parcel number, abbreviated as APN (Assessor Parcel Number), is a unique descriptor used to identify assessed property within Pinal County. Information about the ownership, characteristics, and valuation of each piece of land is reordered and tracked by parcel number. Each year, a list of parcel numbers and their corresponding values is provided to the Treasurer's Office for use in generating the appropriate tax bill for each piece of taxable land.

The Pinal County APNs usually appear as one continuous string (20049047A) but actually have 4 parts (200-49-047-A). These four sections are given the following designation:

  • Book: 200
  • Map: 49
  • Parcel: 047
  • Split: A

Assessor Parcel MapA map of each parcel is created by our Cartography Division and saved on the Pinal County Assessor website. This map is also accessible on the county Geographic Information System (GIS) map.

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