How do I combine two or more properties into one for assessment purposes?

Please contact the Development Services office of the city or county jurisdiction the that oversees property changes affecting your property. The county has a Lot Combination application that is required for lot combinations outside of incorporated communities. If you reside in a city or town, please download and complete the “Combination of Parcels Application” available on the Assessor’s Forms page. Applications are also available by request at the counter. Once the overseeing jurisdiction has signed-off on the application, the Assessor’s Office will review the application to see that it meets specific requirements, including: all parcels must be contiguous; all tax payments are up-to-date; each parcel must have the same ownership vesting, and tax area code. A survey is also required with a combination application (when the parcels have not been previously surveyed, are not in an existing platted subdivision, or when portions of lots are being combined.) Also a deed must be recorded that describes the parcels to be combined in one legal description. Application fees apply. All requirements are described on the application form.

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