I’ve lived here for 30 years and never seen it flood, how can I be in a floodplain?

The length of time that one has lived in a specific location is not an indicator or predictor of flood risk. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA’s) floodplain maps depict floodplains that have a 1% annual chance of occurring in any given year. Another way of stating this is that there is a 99% chance that a 100-year flood would not occur in any given year. Because the floodplain maps are based on the probability of a flood event occurring, a property located in the 100-year floodplain has only a 26% chance of experiencing a flood during a 30-year period. Furthermore, many of the record floods that have occurred in Pinal County, happened long ago. For instance, the most widely studied historic flood in Pinal County occurred in 1983. Other major floods have occurred in 1915 and 1993 as well.

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1. What is the Pinal County Flood Control District?
2. What is the purpose of the Pinal County Flood Control District?
3. How is the Pinal County Flood Control District Funded?
4. What does the Pinal County Flood Control District regulate?
5. What is a local floodplain and how does it differ from FEMA floodplains?
6. The wash on my property is eroding or experiencing sediment deposition, what should I do?
7. I experienced property/structure damage from a flood, what assistance can the Pinal County Flood Control District provide me?
8. Who is responsible for maintenance of drainage facilities on or near my property?
9. There’s water in my retention basin, who comes out to help?
10. If I want to install a block wall or fence, are there any places I should avoid?
11. What is considered a wash?
12. Can I re-route a wash on my property?
13. What is required for building in a floodplain?
14. How far from a wash do I need to build my house? Why?
15. Is my property buildable?
16. I am looking at purchasing some property in Pinal County and need to know if it’s a good investment. Should I buy this property?
17. Can I install a culvert on a wash crossing my property? How big does the culvert need to be?
18. My neighbor filled in a wash, what can I do?
19. How much does flood insurance cost?
20. How much does an elevation certificate cost?
21. There is water ponding after recent rains and now we have mosquitos. Can you help us?
22. What is the best way to find out what flood zone a property is in?
23. I want to put in a shade structure for my animals. Does that require a flood plain use permit?
24. How much extra time is involved in permitting when a floodplain use permit is required?
25. The culverts under the roadway are blocked with debris. Who do I call to get them cleaned out?
26. The growth of vegetation in the wash is causing flows to be diverted. Does the Flood Control District clear out the vegetation?
27. I’ve lived here for 30 years and never seen it flood, how can I be in a floodplain?