Can I bring the children?

Yes, children may visit with their parent or legal guardian. Proof of guardianship is required.

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1. How do I send mail to an inmate?
2. How do I send or provide money to an inmate?
3. How do I post a bond for someone?
4. Why do you need my family member’s insurance information?
5. Can my family member use our private physician while in jail?
6. Will my family member get adequate medical care while in jail?
7. Why are inmates made to pay for medical care?
8. Will my family member get to see a religious leader while in jail?
9. Will my family member get enough to eat while in jail?
10. How do I visit someone in Jail?
11. What are the visiting hours?
12. What identification do I have to have to visit?
13. Can I bring the children?
14. How old must someone be to visit?
15. How can I contact the Detention Center?
16. How do I get an emergency message to my family member in your custody?
17. What may I bring into the facility when I am visiting?
18. What is the proper dress code for visitation?
19. May I drop off clothing and food items for my family member?
20. How do I pick up my family members property?
21. If my family member has a complaint, how do they try to solve it?
22. What happens if our family member gets in trouble while in jail? Will they have to stay there longer?
23. What if my family member has an appointment with an outside physician while in jail?
24. What happens if a family member in jail is indigent “without money?”
25. What is the estimated time for an inmate’s release?
26. How can my family members contact me?
27. What are the requirements of the Work Release Program?
28. How do I self surrender?