How is the hearing conducted?

The hearings for impounds are conducted at the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Substations. If you were stopped and your vehicle impounded in or near the following cities, Superior, Gold Canyon, Apache Junction, Florence, and San Tan Valley, your impound hearing will be held at:
40815 N Ironwood Drive
Number 101
San Tan Valley, AZ 85140

If you were stopped and your vehicle impounded in or near the cities of San Manuel, Oracle, Arizona City, Coolidge, Casa Grande or Maricopa, your impound hearing will be held at:
820 E Cottonwood Lane
Building C
Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Impound hearings will be held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Post Storage Hearings can be requested by calling 520-866-5277 or visiting the Post Storage Hearing page of this website.

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1. Who is eligible for a hearing?
2. Who can have the vehicle returned?
3. Where do I go to get a vehicle release?
4. My car was involved in a collision, and due to damage it is not drivable. Does it still have to have a valid registration before the police can release it?
5. What if someone other than the owner was driving the vehicle when it was impounded?
6. What if I own the vehicle but have not yet transferred the title into my name? Can I still get the vehicle back?
7. What will happen if I cannot claim my vehicle?
8. If the owner had a suspended license, can they get it back prior to the 30-day period if their license is restored to a valid status?
9. It is after the 30th day and my driver’s license is still suspended. Is there a way I can at least get my vehicle out of impound even if I can’t drive it?
10. What if I only have a driver’s license from another country?
11. Would I still have to pay fees and charges if the vehicle is released early to me?
12. At the end of the 30 days, can I just go to the towing company and get my vehicle?
13. If I am found "not guilty" on my criminal or traffic charges will that affect the impound of my vehicle?
14. Can I have a hearing about this impound if my vehicle was simply impounded for being illegally parked, the driver or I was arrested, or it was involved in a collision?
15. Do I need to have a hearing?
16. How long do I have to request a hearing?
17. How is the hearing conducted?
18. What will I have to prove in a hearing?
19. Is there a charge to have a hearing?
20. Do I need an attorney for the hearing?
21. What documentation must I bring with me to the Sheriff’s Office for the hearing to get the vehicle released?
22. The Sheriff’s Office towed my vehicle and I don’t agree with the reason it was towed. Who do I talk with about that?
23. What if I am selling the car, can the new owner or lien holder get a hearing?
24. My car was impounded. If I transfer ownership or add a new person or company onto the registration, can they have a hearing and get the car out early?
25. What are the impound yard hours?
26. Is there an "after hours" or "gate fee"?