What identification do I need at the polling place?

ID Needed

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1. How do I register to vote?
2. What are the voter identification requirements at the polling place?
3. What type of ballot will I receive?
4. How can I verify if I am registered to vote?
5. Do I need to declare a party preference on my voter registration form?
6. Can I vote in a primary election if I am registered as an Independent (IND) or have no party preference?
7. Where do I go to vote?
8. How do I change my address, party affiliation, etc. on the voter registration records?
9. When will I receive my voter identification card?
10. I was made to vote a Provisional Ballot at the poll. What is a Provisional ballot?
11. Will my ballot count if it is a Conditional Provisional Ballot?
12. Who is qualified to vote early in an election?
13. Can I vote without going to the polling place on Election Day?
14. What does it mean to be on the Active Early Voting List?
15. When will I receive my early ballot?
16. Can I have my ballot mailed elsewhere, other than my mailing address?
17. What is the voter registration deadline?
18. Does it cost me anything to return my voted ballot by mail?
19. What can I do if I am unable to vote without assistance due to illness or disability?
20. What can I do if I am unable to go to my polling location on the day of the election due to illness or disability?
21. How do I request a ballot to be mailed to me?
22. How do I check on my voter registration?
23. How do I update my voter registration?
24. Where can I vote early?
25. What if I don’t want to vote by mail?
26. How do I find my polling place?
27. What identification do I need at the polling place?
28. Where can I drop off my ballot?
29. Do I have to put a stamp on my ballot?
30. What if I’m in the military or will be out of the country on Election Day?